A School for Kangawa

Our current project is the building of a new school to meet the educational needs of the children of Kangawa.

Education is something that we take for granted in the UK. Unfortunately, in Kenya many children do not have the same opportunity to receive free and compulsory basic education. Article 53 of the Kenyan constitution gives children the right to free and compulsory basic education – so they have a constitutional right but in reality, they simply do not have the opportunity.

There is an urgent need to build a new primary school for 4 - 11 year-olds to meet the considerable educational need that now exists in the Kangawa area. The Bouncing Ball Trust has already bought a quarter acre plot and is ready to start building a two-storey school that will cater for up to 120 children. The Trust’s focus now is on raising the funds to build the school.

The total budget for the project is £126,600 but the immediate need is for £52,000 which would enable the foundations and ground floor construction to commence. Completion of this phase would enable the school to open using only the ground floor classrooms which would still have capacity to educate around 70 children.

The total budget includes second floor construction and the purchase of a school bus which would increase the range of children who could potentially attend the primary school. It would also provide students with a better school/life balance allowing the school to make an even greater difference to the local community.

Outside school hours the building would also be used as a local community education centre offering classes to local residents to improve the literacy levels in the community.

If you would like to contribute to the fundraising to build the school, you can donate using the donate button at the top of the website, or via our Go Fund Me page.