Following the discovery that another primary school will shortly be opening opposite our proposed school the Trustees of The Bouncing Ball Trust have taken the difficult decision that, due to the size of the community that both schools would both be serving, our “A School for Kangawa” project is no longer viable. 

We are now actively investigating with our representative in Kenya several possible locations in the country. The Bouncing Ball Trust is committed to working with a local community in an equal partnership to deliver on their Early Years Education provisions. We will continue to fundraise to be ready to build the school once the community has been identified

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We are advertising for voluntary Fundraisers across the UK to support our fundraising efforts.  Further information is available on the DoitUK website here, where you can register your interest.
Alternatively, you can apply directly to us by completing our Google form here.

We are pleased to welcome Shruthi Sivadasan to the Board of Trustees.  

Professionally, Shruthi is a subsea engineer with Wood in Aberdeen.  She will be the lead Trustee for Volunteer Management and bring a wealth of experience to the role having worked as a voluntary teacher in a low-income school in Tanzania and through her chairmanship of  SUT+ Aberdeen. 

Shruthi's biography can be found here.

We a seeking someone who can develop and deliver a strong volunteer management strategy so that we can fulfil our purpose to provide education to the communities in Kenya (and potentially throughout Africa). Working from home, you will be the lead Trustee for volunteer management, helping us to create and develop strong volunteer fundraising groups across the UK. This is a blank canvas for you to work from!

As one of five Trustees (who are based across England and Wales), you will also be responsible for the overall management of the charity, including setting its future direction. The Trustees regularly communicate using Microsoft Teams, email and WhatsApp. We also try and meet face-to-face once a year. Reasonably incurred expenses will be reimbursed.

What skills are we looking for?

Vital: volunteer management and project management

Useful: knowledge or interest in education and Kenya or Africa.

What difference will you make?

We are looking to build a new primary school in the Kangawa area of Ngong, Kenya. Your work will help us to achieve this and provide primary education for local children (who are currently denied the opportunity) and literacy classes and vocational training to the local community.

What's in it me?

This is an exciting opportunity to get involved at the start of the project and see through to its delivery. Depending on funding there will be opportunities, if you wish, to visit Kenya to check on the progress of the project delivery (construction work etc) as well as celebrating the school opening. This project is a real opportunity to make a difference in children's lives and empower the local community in bettering their lives.

For more information and to apply please visit the Trustees Unlimited website here.