Trustees' meeting

On 29th June, the Trustees held their first meeting since the AGM. We agreed on the allocation of responsibilities, discussed the Compassionate Programme, Feeding Programme and Reading Programme.  The Trustees agreed to the appointment of Mr Nathan Cable as our voluntary researcher and look forward to working with him.  We held a forward look to the year ahead.

Our next meeting shall take place on 14th September

Annual General Meeting 2016

The Trust held its inaugural Annual General Meeting on 18th June 2016 in Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire.  Those present at the meeting received the Trustees’ report on the past year, the Financial Accounts for 2014-2015 and held a useful discussion on fundraising opportunities for the year ahead.  Mr Chris Orman, Trustee, gave a presentation on the Trust’s recently formed partnership with the Teach A Friend To Read (TAFTR) charity to deliver one-to-one reading programmes throughout Kenya.

Members subsequently elected Mr Ewan McNab as Trustee for the 2016-2017 year and re-elected Ms Timea Pencz and Mr Chris Orman as Trustees for a further year.

Delivering Reading Programmes in Kenya

The Bouncing Ball Trust is delighted to announce that we have formed a partnershp with Teach A Friend To Read (TAFTR) to deliver reading programmes in Kenya.

For more information on TAFTR's work please visit


Trustee's Visit to Kenya

Our Trustee Chris Orman visited Kenya with his wife Mary in April. During their stay, they visited the school seen the good work being done there throught the Compassionate Programme.

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Christmas 2015 Compassionate Programme

The Trust provided funding for the Christmas 2015 Compassionate Programme at the Ngong Hillside Academy.

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