Compassionate Programme

Our Compassionate Programme enables local children to receive an education that they deserve. These children are from homes where parents struggle to feed and clothe their children. We are currently supporting 30 children at Ngong Hillside Academy, but we need to expand the Programme to enable more children to attend school.

When they join the Programme, each child receives a track suit and a school bag filled with learning and writing materials.

In addition to supporting the children during school terms we hold Compassionate Programme Weeks during the Easter, Summer, and Christmas. This is a week long Programme involving craftwork, playing games and day trips. At the end of the week the Trust donate a food parcel containing flour, rice, and cooking oil to their parents to sustain them through the holidays.

To celebrate Christmas, each child received a gift from The Bouncing Ball Trust of either a dress for girls and a shirt and trousers for boys.

We have provided financial support to the wider Academy. To cope with the increasing school roll we have bought new desks and chairs, and blackboards for the Academy.

Photographs from the holiday Compassionate Programme are published on our Facebook page, and also in the galleries below:

Summer 2014
Christmas 2014

Summer 2015

Christmas 2015

Easter 2016