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Providing Educational Assistance to Kenyan Communities

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Corporate Donors

The Bouncing Ball Trust would like to thank the following donors who have supported our work in Kenya:

  • Woods Global Challenge Fund
  • Holy Trinity Primary School, Bradley Stoke
  • MEB Charitable Trust
  • Aztec Hotel and Spa Black Sheep' Charity of the Month

About Us

The Bouncing Ball Trust provides funding for Compassionate Programmes for destitute children in Kenya, enabling them to receive a primary education that would otherwise be denied to them. These children often come from families that are struggling to feed and clothe them never mind sending them to school (there are very few free education opportunities in Kenya).

One school that we are currently working with is Ngong Hillside Academy. This is a rural primary school serving local Maasai communities in the Ngong Hills, approximately 13 miles (21 km) south-west of Nairobi. The Academy has around 80 children, of which 30 children benefit from the Compassionate Programme funded by The Bouncing Ball Trust.

Why The Bouncing Ball Trust?

Our name is taken from a game primary school children in Kenya play called "Bounce the Ball".  The children form a circle and one child starts off with holding an imaginary ball and placing it on a part of the body (head, shoulder, foot etc) singing " Bounce the ball, bounce the ball. I take my ball and place it here. It goes like this". They then pass the ball to another child and the song start again.  We will endeavour to show a video clip of the game!!

You can read more about our trustees, or download documents related to our charity.

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