We are managed by a team of five enthusiastic Trustees.  Our Board of Trustees are:

  • Chris Orman founded The Bouncing Ball Trust in June 2014 and has been one of its Trustees since then. He has been involved in charitable projects in Kenya since 2006. Chris has also lived and worked voluntarily in Ngong, Kenya, for three years delivering income-generating projects for primary schools. Professionally Chris is a Project Manager, experienced in managing and delivering successful projects in the public and charity sectors. He is a Member of the Association for Project Management and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute.  Chris lives in Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire. Chris is one of Charity's first Trustees and his current appointment will expire in January 2024.
  • Ewan McNab has been involved in charity projects since 2006 and with The Bouncing Ball Trust since it was founded in 2014. He has visited Kenya four times over the years visiting various projects. Professionally Ewan is a Project Engineer experienced in delivering Intelligent Transport projects to the local government sector.  He also has an interest in web design which he hopes can be used to raise the profile of the Trust.  Ewan lives in Warrington, Cheshire. Ewan is one of Charity's first Trustees and his current appointment will expire in January 2024.
  • Adelaide Morgan brings on board an extensive knowledge and experience of governance at the board level from the private, public and third sectors.  She was the Founder of the Life Map Planners programme which enabled positive achievements with vulnerable and at-risk children and young people. Adelaide is strongly committed to social justice and passionate about the eradication of child poverty. She serves on the board of School Governing Bodies and various Trusts.  Adelaide was appointed a Trustee in September 2020 for 3 years.
  • Shruthi Sivadasan has 3 years of experience working as an engineer in the shipping and energy industries. Shruthi currently works as a subsea engineer for Wood and is the chair of SUT+ Aberdeen. She has previously volunteered in a low-income school in Tanzania as a volunteer teacher. She actively volunteers for STEM events and strongly believes that good quality basic education should not be a privilege for a few, but it must be available to all. Shruthi lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. Shruthi was appointed a Trustee in March 2021 for 3 years.

Our Office-Bearers for 2021 are:

     Chair: Ewan McNab

     Secretary: Chris Orman

     Treasurer: Chris Orman

Our Project Co-ordinator in Kenya is Mr Simon Gisore.  Simon has long experience of delivering projects supporting children and women throughout Kenya and is responsible for delivering our projects in the country.

You can contact any of us here.